Why Write???


By: Ryan Rerich

Sitting at my 8 a.m. shift, I ponder what brings one to write. What drives me to write? Students each and every day across the world in a scholarly setting struggle with the passion and the drive to put the pencil to paper and express their thoughts. One can find it easy to talk and communicate to others about a topic, but when pressured to meet a deadline or word requirement, the battle between their brain and the keys on the keyboard occur.

I find that the easiest topics to write about are the ones that the writer can connect with and feel a deep relationship with. Winning a game with your teammates and still being able to relive the moment years later in your head makes for a powerful story. When an individual is able to “feel” the story, the writer and the reader will benefit. Even in structured essays or argumentative or research oriented papers, one can still find an issue they are passionate about. The topic that you could see you and your best friend arguing about may not be a bad choice. Really any topic that sparks a deep emotion would be one that would be worthy of choice.

Writing is a skill developed through practice. It is like anything in life. It takes time to learn and develop the craft, and writing will never be perfect. After writing multiple stories, articles, and such, one will notice a trend in their writing and begin to notice a “voice” in their piece. The voice of the writer will begin to show to all who read, and the drive to write might just be furthered once the individual understands the true joys of words on paper.