Music’s Power

Describe how your favorite song or genre of music empowers you in 140 characters or less.


8 thoughts on “Music’s Power

  1. aliyah reams

    I listen to all types of music but I mainly listen to old school R&B and new school R&B love song with emotion. This genre is soothing and relaxing and is great to listen to when you are in a emotional mood. It makes me feel like the artist understands how I feel and what I am going through. Also the words are not just garbage but more than that. They have a true meaning and poetic. For example an old school artist Chaka khan: through the fire and stay. As well as with recent old school with Marsha ambrosius with far away which is an emotional song but a great one to listen and kick back to. I have so many songs I like but those three are my favorite of all.

  2. Kevin Gude

    very few words can have a tremendous impact and the music I listen to is about the words , I listen to all music and my favorite type is the kind that has a powerful message.

    1. I enjoy the idea you are creating here about music empowering you. What is the process by which rap music does so? How does rap music completely change your personality? (Maybe an explanation of the steps) Are there specific words or rhythms that empower you?

  3. Amia Jones

    I mainly listen to hip hop and R&B music. These genres can fully explain what I am going through and my life story. when I am feeling down or just need some motivation I often listen to rap music. when I need to get amped and hyped for when I am about to run track, rap music helps me get in that mood. without music I think I would have a hard time doing things because people listen to music doing almost everything. I really enjoy listening to music and when I listen to certain types of music I really feel the emotion and pain that the artist is going through because I sometimes am going through the same thing. my favorite artist is Drake. He doesn’t hold back his emotion in his lyrics. I can relate to most of his songs and I just love his style.

    1. Are there words or phrases that really show the emotions of Drake or is it more about how he says the words? How does hip hop, R&B, and rap relate to your life story? How do each of these genres show different parts of your life story? I like how you use rap music as a motivator for running.

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