Maya Angelou Quote

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou
How do you interpret this quote when it comes to your writing? How do you use writing in a personal or academic way to tell your untold story?


9 thoughts on “Maya Angelou Quote

  1. aliyah reams

    I write by expressing myself and my opinions in a abstract way. When I write I express in a vague manner, its clearly not direct but it makes one think. For example if I’m explain how I feel I would say;’ I’m waiting for my bottle of tears to our out but it is sealed shut. My voice is no longer heard. I grasp for air towards the light but none is found’. I would like for readers to think how I feel or what they think I’m saying even if it is opposite. Its interesting what the time can think about when a quote is recited or a short passage is telling a story and what the reader to think what the main point is of the story being told or life lesson learned.

    1. I like what you said about kind of toying with the reader, causing them to think different things than what you intend them to hear. Maybe reflect on that more. Why is that an enjoyable process for you? Why do you want to play with the reader in this way?

  2. aliyah reams

    I would interpret this quote as if she were to say the untold story was bottled up inside and couldn’t get out. The motions and words are screaming out inside the bottle but nothing is being said. Soon the bottle glass will break open so it can be heard. Sometimes my writing may not make sense because I do not fully explain what I’m writing . I write this way because I want to make the readers think instead me being direct about what I am writing. I mostly write to vent emotion so I would probably be the only one that would understand , unless one was in the same situation as me. I believe not all of my writing is for expression but academic. Where I would give a message to people and teach them new information that they haven’t heard of, which is important.

  3. How do you think academic writing could help you get the untold story out? I love the image you offer about being trapped in a bottle and it bursting open. Often, I feel that other people’s expectations of my writing creates this bottle. What types of untold stories do you want to tell in academic writing? What confines you from not telling your stories?

  4. Kevin Gude

    I interpret the quote as it saying that “their is no bigger pain than the truth inside you.” writing towards me can reflect who I am , I am not the best but I do try my hardest when I am writing and if I am writing something I like writing about the paper tends to be better. I don’t not my full story but the story I do have is great so far and the part I do tell in my story’s is usually the best part of the story.

    1. Why is the truth so painful when it is inside? I find that idea an interesting concept that the truth is so painful inside. But, is it painful on the outside too (when you let the truth out)? I like how you compare this untold truth to writing because writing truly is a mirror, showing a part of yourself. However, writing only shows a certain part; it’s hard to capture your entire identity in a piece of writing. Which parts do you choose to show?

    1. Why is holding a story inside of you not good? What kinds of stories do you hold inside? How do holding those stories inside affect your life and make you feel? How can you express those stories? For me, writing is a good way to tell my stories because I don’t necessarily have to tell someone about them. I can still keep my stories private but let them out through my writing.

  5. Ashlie

    When I write, I feel that holding a story inside of me is like almost keeping a piece of art inside of me. It is almost like a developing pearl. Sometimes, a story will develop in my head and literally fester and grow, no matter how much I ignore it or how much I put it aside. Eventually, I have to at least write the story, even if I don’t show it to anyone. All that being said, the longer that the story ‘bugs’ me, the more that I know it will be a good story. It’s something that I have to get out. That’s why I refer to it as a pearl. It grows and develops until it is something almost perfect.

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