Why do you write?

Why do YOU personally write?


6 thoughts on “Why do you write?

  1. Kevin Gude

    the reason I write besides when I have to is usually when I am thinking deep or just feel the need to express myself in a way that I can use words and twist them up into a poem. when I am mad or just upset I write , usually it helps a lot.

    1. Can you define what “thinking deep” is? (like with an example) The way that you craft language requires a lot of thought and attention because the emotions used in a poem might be different than the ones used in an essay. Look at a poem and an essay that you wrote and note the differences in language. Comment on the vocabulary you use, the way you structure your sentences, and the tone you convey. How can you shape your academic writing to be just as powerful and to convey the same layers of emotion as your poems but still sound academic?

    1. I would be interested to read your short stories! What do you write about? What makes writing an enjoyable experience? I feel like so many people say that they enjoy writing creatively but do not enjoy writing essays. Do you feel that this is the case for you or do you like writing essays too? To make writing essays more enjoyable for myself, I try to write about a topic that means a lot to me, and I try to do something clever with my language in each essay. I start out with defining my essay’s purpose (how can this essay bring about change?) and then go into its language (word play, humor, etc.).

  2. Amia Jones

    I write to express my feelings out on paper because sometimes its not that easy saying it out loud. whether its on pen and paper or using an electronic for instance twitter is a popular site you see people telling their stories or just to express their feelings. I am one of those people that use technology to express my feelings.

    1. Can you give an example of how you have used technology to express your feelings? Some people might say that technology is “cold and impersonal,” making it hard to really show anything personal. How would you argue against that?

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